Class Actions

Sunwing - Utilisation du mot Champagne

March 2024: The Court will need to settle the differences between the parties regarding what is described below. For better understanding, the motion is attached in the documents below.

Février 2024: Unfortunately, differences regarding the implementation of the settlement have arisen between the defendants and us. We are trying to resolve the impasse and are working in good faith with Sunwing to resolve the disputes and ensure that the claims process is simple, which was agreed to by all in the settlement and what the Superior Court expects. We must therefore resolve these questions before the registration period can be declared. We will inform class members once the issues are resolved.

December 2023: The questions regarding the implementation and publicity of the settlement have now definitely been decided by the Court. The inscription phase to then claim the benefits during three years with no limit years will start soon! First, the Sunwing site needs to be put online. Then the official notice will be published and the 60-day crucial window to inscribe will start. Visit our website regularly to receive updates and not miss out on any delays.

June 2023: In part because of a debate related to the dissemination plan of the settlement, the Court has taken the file under advisement and a judgment on this issue should be rendered in September. After this, the inscription phase for the benefits should start quickly.

February 2023: The settlement has been officially approved by the Court.

It is expected that the special website through which class members will have to register to receive the 7% discount will be up in the next few months. Class members are invited to revisit this page for updates at least once a month to ensure they do not miss out in the 60 day window to register, which will start running once that special website is up.

For more information, please read the settlement document below.

Here are the main points:

The Settlement provides that Defendants, without any admission of liability, will offer to the Class Members a seven percent (7%) discount (the “Discount”) applicable to the regular or already discounted price displayed on the website for:

a. Sunwing Airlines flights or flights chartered by Sunwing Vacations departing from any city serviced by Sunwing in the Province of Québec, as well as the City of Ottawa; and;

b. Sunwing Vacations all-inclusive packages which include: i) Sunwing Airlines flights or flights chartered by Sunwing Vacations departing from the Province of Québec or the City of Ottawa, ii) hotel accommodation, and iii) transfers only. The Discount will not apply to taxes, fuel surcharges, other supplementary fees, nor to ancillary and add-on products and services including, but not limited to, meals, seat upgrades, seat selection and excursions. The Discount will not apply to scheduled flights that are not chartered by Sunwing Vacations.

The Discount will be available for a period of three years, with no blackout periods or restrictions on the number of purchases, and will allow any Class Member to purchase discounted flights or packages for himself or herself and up to five (5) extra passengers.


On April 16, 2018 , the Superior Court of Quebec authorized a class action alleging violations of the Consumers Protection Act by Sunwing. Sunwing has been wrongfully using the term “Champagne” in various advertisements and throughout the consumer’s purchasing process, suggesting to consumers that Champagne would be received during the flight, whereby consumers instead received regular sparkling wine.