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Airbnb (Recours collectif national) - Frais de service

**Updated January 24, 2020**

On December 5, 2019, the Federal Court has granted certification of the national class action in regards to Airbnb's charging of "service fees" to some of its Canadian users.

Airbnb has filed an appeal to the certification judgment. The appeal is expected to be heard around the Fall of 2020.

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Champlain Lawyers are co-counsel with Evolink Law Group on this National Class Action against Airbnb. On October 31, 2017, a proposed national class action was filed in the Federal Court of Canada alleging that Airbnb charged service fees in contravention of the Federal Competition Act.
This consumer class action seeks, among other things, a Court order requiring Airbnb to compensate all affected consumers for the all of the service fees paid, punitive damages, and cost of investigation.