Class Actions



*********************** LOOKING FOR WITNESSES **********************

We are looking for witnesses who can testify for the trial concerning their experience during the 2019-2020 school closure. How did everything go with your children? Any support is welcome. Your testimony will have a direct impact on the outcome of the case and make a difference while providing an interesting experience of our judicial system. Write to us at [email protected] or call us directly at 514 866-3636. The trial will take place in 2023 or 2024.

*************Number of Opt-outs and Remedy Claimed at Trial********************

Based on the figures available to us after the-opt-outs have been factored in, *about* two-thirds of the parents remain on board with the case, despite the coordinated militant pressure campaign orchestrated by the schools, for which an appeal on this subject will take place next winter.

In addition, we wish to inform the parents that the final amount claimed at trial will be 22.5% of all tuition fees paid for the year 2019-2020, per child.

***********APRIL 13TH 2O22 UPDATE**************************

The Quebec Court of Appeal has accepted to hear an appeal of the recent Superior Court judgment validating the exclusions. Please see the QCCA judgment below.

***********FEBRUARY 19TH 2022 UPDATE**********************

The Superior Court has rendered its decision in the debate concerning certain messages sent by the schools. Please scroll down to download and read the decision (00- Jugement).

During the hearing, the number of class members (initially estimated at 47 000) was orally updated to the court based on the schools' own evidence as filed in the court record and the estimations of Class Counsel when the data was not available, which informs that the number of total members would be a little over 63 000. Following the exclusions, based on that number 62% of the total class members remain to pursue the class action.

********DECEMBER 13TH 2021 UPDATE**********************

The Motion filed in response to certain messages sent by schools that do not respect the neutral framework of notices and whose request to identify and control the opt-out forms is problematic according to the Plaintiffs has been modified today and filed to the Court and now includes extensive exhibits.

Please scroll below at the end of this page to access the document called "0- DEMANDE MODIFIÉE POUR INTERVENTION DE LA COUR (...)" and you may access the exhibits in the document called "PIÈCES OS-1 À OS-20"


NOTICE: We are currently receiving all relevant testimonies in relation to the Private Schools. You may write to us at [email protected]

************November 9th 2021 UPDATE************

Motion filed in response to certain messages sent by schools that do not respect the neutral framework of notices and whose request to identify and control the opt-out forms is problematic according to the Plaintiffs.

Please scroll below at the end of this page to access the document called "DEMANDE POUR INTERVENTION DE LA COUR (...)"

To contact us regarding this specific situation, please e-mail to : [email protected]


October 27 2021 Update: The class action has been certified against the schools listed below. Please refer to the Notice to Members below for more information.

1. Collège Charles-Lemoyne De Longueuil Inc.
2. L’église Adventiste Du Septième Jour
3. Académie Blaise Pascal Inc.
4. Académie Chrétienne Rive-Nord Inc.,
5. Académie Culturelle De Laval
6. Académie Des Sacrés-Cœurs
7. Académie Étoile Du Nord Laval
8. Académie François-Labelle
9. Académie Hébraїque Inc.
10. Académie Ibn Sina
11. Académie Juillet S.A.
12. Académie Kells Inc.
13. Académie Kuper Inc.
14. Académie Lavalloise
15. Académie Louis-Pasteur
16. Académie Marie-Claire
17. Académie Marie-Laurier Inc.
18. Académie Michèle-Provost Inc.
19. Académie Solomon Schechter
20. L’académie Sainte-Thérèse Inc.
21. Académie St. Margaret Inc.
22. Académie Yeshiva Yavne
23. (...)
24. Centre Académique De Lanaudière
25. Collège Beaubois
26. Collège Boisbriand 2016
27. Collège Charlemagne Inc.
28. Collège Citoyen
29. Collège D’anjou Inc.
30. Collège De L’ouest De L’île Inc.
31. Collège De Montréal
32. Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert
33. Le Collège Français Primaire Inc.
34. Le Collège Français (1965) Inc.
35. Collège Héritage De Châteauguay Inc.
36. Collège Jacques-Prévert
37. La Corporation Du Collège Jean-De-Brébeuf
38. Collège Jean De La Mennais
39. Collège Jean-Eudes Inc.
40. Collège Laval
41. Collège Letendre
42. Collège De Mont-Royal
43. Le Collège Mont-Saint-Louis, Association Cooperative
44. Collège Notre-Dame
45. Collège Notre-Dame-De-Lourdes
46. École Pasteur S.S.B.L.
47. Collège Prep Inc.
48. Collège Régina Assumpta (1995)
49. Collège Reine-Marie
50. Collège Sainte-Anne
51. Collège Ste-Marcelline
52. Collège St-Hilaire Inc.
53. Collège Saint-Paul
54. Collège Saint-Sacrement
55. Collège St-Jean-Vianney
56. Collège Trafalgar Pour Filles
57. Collège Trinité
58. Collège Ville-Marie
59. L’école Akiva
60. École Armen-Québec De L’union Générale Arménienne De Bienfaisance
61. École Al-Houda
62. École Augustin Roscelli
63. École Au Jardin Bleu Inc.
64. École Beth Jacob De Rav Hirschprung
65. Société Des Religieuses De Notre-Dame De Sion
66. École Buissonnière, Centre De Formation Artistique Inc.
67. École Charles Perreault (Laval)
68. École Charles Perreault (Pierrefonds)
69. École Chrétienne Emmanuel
70. École De Formation Hebraique De La Congregation Beth Tikvah
71. Institut D’enseignement Dar Al Iman
72. École Primaire Jmc Inc.
73. (...)
74. Association Le Savoir
75. École Les Trois Saisons Inc.
76. École Maimonide
77. École Marie-Clarac
78. École Marie Gibeau Inc.
79. École Miss Edgar Et Miss Cramp
80. (...)
81. École Montessori De Montréal (133825 Canada Inc.)
82. Petite École Montessori Inc.
83. École Montessori International Blainville Inc.
84. École Montessori International Montréal Inc.
85. École Montessori Ville-Marie (9232-7535 Québec Inc.)
86. École Notre-Dame De Nareg
87. The Priory School Inc.
88. (...)
89. École Sainte-Anne
90. École Saint-Joseph (1985) Inc.
91. École Secondaire Loyola
92. Selwyn House Association
93. Montréal Mosque
94. Communauté Hellénique Du Grand Montréal
95. (...)
96. (...)
97. Édu2
98. Externat Mont-Jésus-Marie
99. Externat Sacré-Cœur
100. L’académie Centennial
101. L’école Ali Ibn Abi Talib
102. L’école Arménienne Sourp Hagop
103. L’école Des Premières Lettres
104. L’école Sacré-Cœur De Montréal
105. L’école St-Georges De Montréal Inc.
106. Lower Canada College
107. United Talmud Torahs Of Montreal Inc.
108. Les Écoles Juives Populaires Et Les Écoles Peretz Inc.
109. Pensionnat Du Saint-Nom-De-Marie
110. Pensionnat Notre-Dame-Des-Anges
111. The Study Corporation
112. Villa-Maria
113. Villa Sainte-Marcelline


This class action seeks the partial reimbursement by the Private Schools of the Montreal Metropolitan Community of the tuition fees paid after the closure of the schools in connection with COVID-19.

The Authorization hearing before the Superior Court of Quebec is scheduled to be hard on June 9th, 10, and 11 starting at 9:30AM. Members of the public may attend virtually by copy pasting the following MS Teams permanent link below into their web browser:

Please note the following mandatory guidelines when participating in the above hearing:

• MUST NOT under any circumstances record images and broadcast a recording sound or images of all
or part of the audience held in a virtual or semi-virtual room.
• MUST NOT in any way reproduce or communicate in any way all or part of the images or voices of the audience held in a virtual or semi-virtual room;
• SHOULD keep their microphone on "Mute" at all times, so as not to disrupt the hearing.



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Also, in the "Tell us about your experience" space below, tell us, for the 2019-2020 school year and since March 2019, how many hours of total live and pre-recorded video material were been provided by your school per day / week?

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