Mr Jérémie John Martin

Mr Jérémie John Martin


Mr. Jeremie John Martin is an experienced litigator, with a practice in class actions as well as family, estate and labor law. He has appeared before all levels of court in Quebec and numerous tribunals such as: La Commission des relations de travail, Le Tribunal administratif du Québec, The Canada Industrial Relations Board, the Tax Court of Canada, Federal labor arbitration, many Municipal Courts, La Commission des lésions professionnelles, The Canadian Human Rights Commission, and La Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux. Mr. Martin has also appeared before the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. His extensive court experience in these fields, involving witnesses from different walks and backgrounds, allowed him to develop considerable practical experience in trials.

Mr. Martin has often had to address complex and sophisticated legal issues which have provided him with a broad spectrum of sought-for experience that his clients benefit from.

Class action experience:

  • Lead counsel in a large class action in Quebec against private schools for repayment of school fees charged during the COVID pandemic;
  • Co-counsel in a nation-wide class action before the Federal Court against all of Canada's major airlines concerning failure to reimburse the passengers following the COVID pandemic and the frustration of contract that followed;
  • Co-counsel before the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal in a certified class action alleging an improper charging of service fees contrary to the Competition Act against a multi-national hospitality company;
  • Co-counsel in numerous certified class actions involving the Quebec Consumer Protection Act concerning misrepresentations made by various Canadian airlines;
  • Lead counsel before the Superior Court of Quebec in a proposed class action against a Canadian airline for violating prepaid card laws;
  • Co-counsel in a large nation-wide class proceeding before the Federal Court against all the Canadian airports concerning airport improvement fees improperly charged to pilots and airline employees;
  • Co-counsel in a highly contested sequencing application before the Federal Court concerning the adjudication of pre-certification issues;
  • Co-counsel, class action before the Federal Court against a foreign airline for compensation of flight delays;
  • Co-counsel in a class action against an airline for improper mass cancellation of flight routes;
  • Co-counsel in a class action against an airline relating to improperly charged baggage fees as well as concerning improper expiry of a prepaid instrument; and
  • Co-counsel in a number of breach of privacy class actions across Canada.

Mr. Martin is a member of the Quebec and British Columbia bars.